April #2

I had so much fun seeing many of you parents at the school auction this past weekend! The auction is truly a great way to fundraiser for the school. If you couldn't make it this year I hope you will be able next April!!

We now have 934 passed AR tests!!! The class wants to make it to 1,000 passed AR tests before the end of the month. We talked today about every student needing about 6 more tests passed when we were at 910 this morning. Hopefully, you can help your child reach their goal this month!!! Mrs. Heiman and I need some help finding a pig for when the class reaches 1,000. Please, call or e-mail to let us know if you have some way we could borrow a pig for an hour or so in May.

We are excited to create our 3D shape museum this week for Thursday and Friday.  Each student will prepare and present one shape to the class but may bring more than that if desired. Please, make sure your child's name is on it and it will fit into their backpack.

I have a fun project I would like to do with the class for the end of the year that involves pillowcases. Hopefully, everyone can find one light colored pillowcase with minimal pattern to bring for this project. It would be great if all pillowcases could make it to school by Monday, April 23rd. Please, let me know if this will be a struggle for you! Thanks!!!

April #1

This week is a little different! We have animal report homework this week along with our new spelling and sight word lists. The class is so excited to present to you and your family on Friday at 11:45am. I will direct you to the correct location to watch your child present "Supper with the Queen." 

We now have 834 passed AR tests towards Mrs. Heiman kissing a pig!!! I believe we are going to have to start the hunt for a pig!! If you know of a way we could borrow a pig for an hour please let us know. I wonder if the class will need until May or will be at 1,000 before the end of April?!

Please, let me know if you need a few more service hours so I can send a few items to be cut out over the next few weeks. Thanks!!!

March #2

Birdhouse MakingWe had a chance to experience how to make birdhouses with the help of the Knights of Columbus!!! The class had a blast!  Another fun experience was the Living Stations the middle school presented to us this afternoon. They present again tonight at 7 pm so I hope you make time to see it.

I am amazed by this class!! I just read a report that said they passed 362 AR tests this quarter!!!!! WOW!!!! We now have 769 passed AR tests and most of them from this quarter! I am so excited to watch and see when the date will be for Mrs. Heiman to kiss a pig!!!! 

March Begins

So excited for this week!!!!! The class has earned a RAVENS party for showing manners and respect to make others happy especially though eye contact!!!! We will have a special party soon. RAVENS manners parties can be earned each month. 


Dr. Seberger has also invited Dr. Swingle to join in on the meeting, via conference call, Dr. Swingle is the author of the book "iMinds."

This book "iMinds" explores the effects of electronic media and gaming on the brain.  Dr. Swingle has been at the forefront of understanding the change in the developing brain with electronic media use.  She, like us, uses the measure of psychophysiology, measure brain waves and location of brainwaves, in order to understand what is happening to the brain.  These changes are highly correlated with behavior.  Electronic gaming and social media are highly correlated with psychiatric diagnosis, as well as the capture of a particular alpha signal, seen in creativity.  There is a concern as well, that excessive use of social media is leading to increased anxiety formation, which can be measured.

An update on AR tests: 685 passed AR tests towards Mrs. Heiman kissing a pig!!! Hopefully before spring break the class will be closer to 750 and on track to hit 1,000 before the end of the year!

We had GREAT FUN for Read Across America, Dr. Seuss and my birthday last week! Here are a few photos: 

READ 2018

We had lots of fun this week with Read 2018!!!! We celebrated as a school by reading for 2,018 seconds which is approximately 34 minutes. The class now has 541 passed AR tests towards their goal of 1,000 for Mrs. Heiman to kiss a pig!!

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