KA Kindergarten News

Parents,   Here is some of what our class will be working on over the second nine weeks.

Religion: We will continue to work on demonstrating reverence and participation during Mass. You can practice genuflecting and making the Sign Of The Cross correctly when you attend Mass with your child. We are adding reciting the Glory Be prayer, clearly and without  prompts. Identifying the members of the Holy Trinity, and discussing stewardship as someone who cares for all of God's creation.

Language Arts:  When reading a story we will discuss the books genre, the setting and characters. We will  count,pronounce,blend and segment syllables, pronounce initial,medial and final sounds in 3 phoneme words, demonstrate knowledge of 1 to 1  letter sound correspondences, work on instant recognition of high frequency words, read emergent texts and practice fluency when reading.

Writing: We continue to work on correct letter formation,  discuss correct sentence formation: how a sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with an end mark, either a period, question mark or exclamation point.

Science: We will be talking about Physical Science: Forces- the effects of push and pull and the change of speed and direction.

Social Science: We will identify American symbols and distinguish between wants and needs and begin to understand how we use money.

Math: Compose and decompose numbers to 10, addition and subtraction facts to 10, understand number of objects counted and the relationship between numbers and quantities. Recognize and write numbers to 50.


Upcoming Dates

October 27th   Fall Party at 2:30

October 29th  Red Ribbon Carnival

October 30th & 31st  Parent / Teacher Conferences  No School

November 1st   No School

November 20th- 21st  Regan Institute No School

November 22nd - 24th  Thanksgiving Break

December 8th   No School

December 20th   Dismiss at 11:30am 

December 21st -January 2nd  Christmas Break No School

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