Welcome to Kindergarten (KA) 2018

Welcome to Kindergarten,  I am excited to be starting another year in Kindergarten at Resurrection Catholic School.  Kindergarten is an important year for your child. A good year helps your child form a positive attitude about school and they will be more likely to have an easier transition if they know what to expect.  Here are a few ideas on how to help your child get ready for the new school year.

1. Talk with your child often about what they see and do in class. Sing songs, rhyme and make up stories. These will help your child learn about words and language.

2. Read to your child daily, at least 20 minutes . Go to the library together, let your child pick out books, get some about Kindergarten. As you read to them  point out the words. Ask questions about the story, what do they think will happen next, why?

3. Review the alphabet with your child . Relate places or objects with the letter. Aa is for apple or alligator. Discuss the sounds the letters make, challenge your child to say something that begins with that sound.

4. Math Fun: count with your child, talk about patterns they see, shapes is their world.

5, Have pencils, crayons , markers, scissors available. Have your child practice writing letters , numbers , their name and using scissors.

6.Classroom behavior and making friends: talk to your child about how we share, take turns , say "please" and "thank-you". Discuss in Kindergarten we respect each other and other people's things. In Kindergarten we keep our hands to ourselves, we solve our problems without hitting or kicking others. Washing our hands is important, especially after using the bathroom and before eating.

7. Mass: When attending Mass with  your child, please make sure that they are genuflecting correctly, sitting and kneeling correctly, facing forward and paying attention to Fr. Weldon. Practice reciting the Kindergarten prayers with your child.

Please make sure to look over the "Welcome to Kindergarten" procedure book in the "my documents" section of my web page.

You can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Let's have a great year.

In Christ

Karen Eads

Resurrection Catholic School

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