Happy Summer

Thanks for a great school year! Hope you have a safe and blessed summer! Be sure to have fun with your little ones. Here are just a few ideas...

  • Play music and dance with your child.  Let your child use pots, pans, and spoons to create sounds.
  • Take a "counting" walk.  Pick something to count (cars, signs, flowers, birds, bikes) and as you walk, keep track of how many you see.
  • Sing "Old McDonald Had a Farm" with your child. Take turns making the animal sounds.
  • Watch a musical on TV with your child.   Talk about what your child's favorite part was.  Try to talk by singing.
  • Go for a reading picnic under the stars.  Take a flashlight, a snack, and a few favorite books to read outside.  Look for pictures that the stars make in the sky.
  • Let your child help with a household chore today, setting the table, emptying the trash, putting away the toys, or feeding a pet.  When the work is done, thank your child for helping.
  • Make sock puppets.
  • Play with squirt bottles in the backyard.
  • Play catch with water balloons
  • Wash the family car in the driveway-perfect for a rainy summer day!
  • Make and play with play dough.
  • Plan a "TV Blackout" night. Instead of watching TV, read aloud or play games with your child.
  • Paint a summertime picture with watercolors.
  • Go somewhere you can play in the water: a pool, a lake, or under a sprinkler.
  • Go to the library. Read, Read, Read!
  • Sing a simple song with your child.  Count the words that rhyme. Make up a new song of your own using words that rhyme.
  • Have a pretend phone conversation with your child, asking what your child did yesterday, is doing today, and wants to do tomorrow.
  • Print the letters in your child's name. Ask him or her to name three words that begin with each letter of the name.
  • Help your child make a book for someone special, drawing pictures showing what your child likes about this person. Write down what the pictures are about. Share it with the special person.
  • Have your child look in a mirror and name the features on his or her face. Ask your child what each part does, and whether the child has one or two of each part named.
  • Take your child outside with a bucket of water and a paint brush to "paint" his or her name, and to draw shapes and letters on the sidewalk with the water.
  • Go on a nature walk. See how many bugs you can find.
  • Collect fireflies.
  • Play a game of leap frog. Measure how far your child can "hop."
  • Play "Hide and Seek" with your child. Hide an object and give your child three easy-to-follow clues to find it. Congratulate your child for listening and following directions when he or she finds the object.

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