Some Important Dates Coming Up

We have some fun and important dates coming up. I just wanted to give the heads up early.

  • Thursday, Feb. 8th - Spring Conferences (parent or teacher requested) - No school
  • Friday, Feb. 9th  - No school - Teacher Inservice
  • Monday, Feb. 12th - Pre-K Valentine's Day party - AM class has 12 students / PM class has 11 students
  • Tuesday, Feb. 13th - Preschool Valentine's Day party - 12 students
  • Wednesday, Feb. 14th - Ash Wednesday - Morning class will go to Mass
  • Monday, Feb. 19th - President's Day - No School
  • Wednesday, Feb. 21st - Pre-K field Trip to the Wichita Art Museum - Both classes will go in the morning and there will be No afternoon Pre-K.

Walk in Sisters Shoes

Walk in Sister’s Shoes is a school initiative to raise money to support the St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School Fund.

The money raised through Walk In Sisters Shoes helps support the parish schools in our diocese who have less than others. All across our diocese there are children learning about Jesus in classrooms lacking in some of the resources enjoyed in other schools.

Our students are asked to support each other. Catholic school students in every school are given the opportunity to help each other, to learn about the life and legacy of St. Katharine Drexel, and to raise funds for the St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School Fund. The results have been astounding. 

Catholic school students are clearly learning lessons that go beyond reading, writing, science, and math, to learning that love of neighbor and caring for each other is just as, or perhaps, more important. They are recognizing the need of others, and have taken action to help by supporting the Saint Katharine Drexel Catholic School Fund through Walk in Sister’s Shoes.

Our preschoolers are getting involved, and they're learning about sharing and generosity. They've been invited to share a little with those who have less. We have a special shoe box in our room to help us collect coins. When your child brings a coin to share, they get to add a sticker to our box. We are trying to make our box beautiful...I've explained that when we share, our hearts also become more beautiful! Thanks for all your help, support, and generosity.

Libray Books

Your child will be going to the library every Wednesday. Each child will be allowed to select one book and keep it until the following Wednesday.

Please help your child with these things:

1.  Read the book with your child, and let him or her tell you about the pictures.

2.  Help your child find a special place at home where he or she can keep the book so it will not be lost or damaged.

3.  Remind him or her to have clean hands when they read and to turn pages one at a time from the upper right-hand corner.

4.  Send the book back to the library if it is accidentally damaged. It will be fixed correctly there.

5.  Please return the book every Wednesday in order to check out a new one. If you want to bring the book back a day or two earlier, there is a place in our classroom where you can put it.

6.  Have your child use their backpack when they carry the book home or back to school again.

Thank you for helping your child with these things. Reading to your child has benefits that will last a lifetime.

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