May Update #1

Wow! This year has gone by extremely fast.

Our field trip is Friday and you can find all of the information for it in the email.

We're working on our last unit in math which covers 3 dimensional shapes. After that we'll review addition, subtraction, and telling time just to make sure we have those 3 areas mastered.

Vowel team sounds and spellings are the focus for phonics. Everyone's reading has really improved. If you haven't listened to your child recently, make sure you do. They sound fantastic!

The focus for science is working on engineering projects that stimulate critical thinking and problem solving. Those two skills are what employers will be looking for in the future. 

The students are working on recognizing goods and services, so please point out any real examples of this that you see in everyday life.

We published our Tanganyika animal reports and are presenting them to the Kindergarten students today. The first graders get a chance to show what they know and it's great fun.

Enjoy the month of May!



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