Admission Requirements K-8

Stewardship is the grateful response of a Christian disciple who recognizes and receives God’s gifts and shares these gifts in love of God and neighbor.

A Catholic education is one of the best gifts a parent can give their children.  Our school was established to provide for this important mission of Resurrection Catholic School.  At Resurrection Catholic School, your child will not only receive an outstanding academic education, but more importantly, they will learn about their Catholic faith daily, pray often, practice self-discipline, and learn to put others’ needs before their own.  In short, we will assist you in forming your child to be a Christian disciple of Jesus Christ. The mission of Resurrection Catholic School is to educate children in the Catholic faith and in life skills, fostering the development of the students’ spiritual, intellectual and social abilities.

It is through the faithful stewardship of all of the parishioners of Church of the Resurrection that we are able to provide an excellent Catholic school.  As stewards we recognize everything we have and all that we are is a gift from God.  We respond to that gift by giving our first fruits in:


V  Spending time with God in prayer - individually, communally and as a family

V  Sharing talents by serving in our parish and community

V  Giving treasure sacrificially, proportionally and generously

Enrolling your children in a Catholic school is a partnership among the family, the parish, and the school.  A Catholic school education is a privilege and not a right.  For parishioners who complete and fulfill their annual stewardship commitments, our pastor will make a good faith effort to provide for their children’s Catholic education.  Specifically, what is expected of all of the families in our parish is to:


Ø  *Attend Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation at Resurrection Catholic School

Ø  *Participate in the sacraments

Ø  *Actively participate in parish ministries

Ø  *Make and keep a good faith pledge of treasure, with a goal of 8% of your gross income to the parish and 2% to your favorite charities

To learn more about the stewardship way of life in our parish click here:

For families of other faith traditions who would like to attend Resurrection Catholic School, click here:

 “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards

of God’s varied grace.”  1 Peter 4:10


Each year in January, parents will receive a registration form for the following year. Forms must be returned prior to the deadline with a fee of $75 per student. Stewardship and Tithing forms must be current at the parish office. The Pastor and the finance/tithing committees will make a determination if the family has been good stewards. The second fee of $75 per student is due the first week of May when final enrollment forms will be distributed. These forms and the final $100 fee per student is due during final enrollment in early August. We do offer a price break for families with 3 or more students in K-8. 

Religious and Stewardship Requirements for Admittance

Stewardship is not solely a giving of financial resources; it is a giving of oneself, as a thanksgiving to God for all that he has given to us. Parishioners must be active in the life of the parish as faithful stewards; there must be a previous history of this even before a student is attending Resurrection.

  • There must be a current Stewardship Commitment of Time, Talent and Treasure on file at the Parish Office.
  • Enrollment status will be based on residence in the parish boundaries as well as the active stewardship of the family. Attendance at Sunday mass, regular participation in the sacraments, participation in religious education, service to parish ministries, and public support for the church’s teachings, as well as making and keeping a good faith tithing pledge will be considered.
  • Parishioners' pledge should be current by the of the calendar year. If the financial pledge is not current and it is due to temporary extenuating circumstance, it is the responsibility of the family to discuss the matter with the Pastor. 
  • Newly registered parishioners will be considered based upon their history of time, talent, and treasure at their previous parish. A letter of stewardship from the previous pastor is necessary. They must complete the Stewardship forms before they will be considered.

Order of Admissions

When all the above guidelines are met, the following is the order in which students will be approved for admission:

  • Resurrection parishioners with children already attending Resurrection Catholic School. (Preschool enrollment does not automatically hold a place for Kindergarten).
  • Resurrection parishioners with children on the waiting list for Resurrection Catholic School.
  • Resurrection parishioners who do not have children attending Resurrection Catholic School or are receiving parish support to attend another Catholic school.
  • Catholics from other parishes, who practice good stewardship.
  • Non-Catholics. Our tuition rate is $4500 per student. 

Parent/Parishioner Involvement

To enhance community ties within the Parish, we strongly encourage all Parishioners (even those who do not have children attending Resurrection) to volunteer at the school. Suggested areas might include instructing in such areas as Art, P.E., Music, Library and/or computers. Educational degree and/or experience are not required. Support is also needed in the supervision of the lunchroom and playground. Volunteers could be utilized as tutors, graders, and clerical workers. We do require 12 hours per family of volunteer time (Care and Share Stewardship).


Amount per Child payable as follows:

$75.00 Registration Fee due at registration (January)
$75.00 Registration Fee due first week in May
$100.00 Registration Fee due at Final Enrollment
$TBD Fee for PE uniforms (Middle School only)
$25.00 Latchkey per family registration fee (optional)


  • Health Form
  • Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement
  • Emergency Health Care Plan for Allergic reactions (optional)
  • Request for the administration of Medication at school (optional)
  • Latchkey Authorization for Emergency Care (optional)

Health Records

All students enrolled must have up-to-date physical exams and immunization reports on file. Health forms and immunization requirements are available in the school office. The school nurse will give vision, hearing and dental checks. The school volunteer nurse will send permission slips home before each screening.


A child entering Kindergarten must be five years of age by September 1st. A physical examination is required, along with the child’s birth certificate, baptismal certificate, and immunization records all need to be on file by the first day of school.

Emergency Information

Emergency information is required for each student registered. This data should be brought up-to-date from time to time. Home and business telephone numbers and address changes should be reported to the school office. And updated on PowerSchool.



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