Communication Commission


Commissioner open


Strengthen community involvement and awareness through communications.


  • Create a more welcoming environment for the parish.
  • Promote the parish website as an information source for the parish community.
  • Designate a communications contact person to assist and educate ministries in distributing information to the parish and the community.

Bulletin Boards

The bulletin boards provide a resource within the parish to inspire us to live our faith and to inform us about upcoming parish activities. Volunteers are welcome to help maintain various bulletin boards.

Contact Parish Office/Communication

Parish Website

The parish website provides up-to-date information about our parish activities, organizations, and ministries as well as upcoming events. In addition, the parish website includes a section dedicated to the school. Volunteer opportunities exist in providing guidance to persons and organizations wishing to display information on the website, assessing the compatibility of those requests, and providing assistance to those who will be adding or updating parish website information.


Parish Office 744-2776
Kathy Petr 686-7893

Pictorial Directory

A parish pictorial directory is published about every three years. The photo directory includes photos of participating parish families and a directory of the names, addresses and phone numbers of registered parish families along with photographs that portray the activities of our parish. The last directory was completed in the summer of 2015.