Finance Council

Stewardship The mission of the parish Finance Council is to promote stewardship as a way of life, to insure that parish resources are used in accordance with the principles of stewardship and to secure the financial stability of the parish for future generations. People who practice good stewardship are needed to show interest in serving on the finance council. This small group is responsible for allocation of parish funds and for budgets. It meets quarterly and occasionally for a special meeting as necessary. Finance council members serve a three-year term.

Finance Council Chairperson James Pfeifer
Nick Bombardier  644-9183
Cathleen Brokaw 744-2855
Bill Cook 648-2927
Greg Davied 744 3201
Stacey Heiman 260-8549
Christine Looney  744-2684
Fred Knoblauch 744-1749
Jan Goers 744-7499