Parish Operations Commission

Parish Operations

Commissioner Randy Pickle


Maintain and develop our parish facilities and grounds.


  • Complete inventory of all parish possessions.
  • Appoint a grounds coordinator.
  • Develop plans to expand the school and replace portable facilities.
  • Conduct a Parish Operations review.

Following the description, youth opportunities will be denoted in parentheses as G-Grade School, M-Middle School, and H-High School.

Building & Grounds Maintenance

Committee oversees major building and maintenance projects for the parish. Besides committee members, the assistance of licensed and/or skilled carpenters, electricians, painters and plumbers are needed at different times throughout the year.

Contact Mike Decker

Church Cleaning

Volunteers clean the church Saturday mornings on a rotating basis. It generally takes a couple of hours a week. It also includes "deep cleaning" of the church on a less frequent basis.


Patty Wilson


Grounds Beautification

Maintain the parish grounds and flower gardens and other landscaping projects that might occur. Also, complete routine maintenance and care of the baseball field.
(M, H)

Contact Archie Macias

Kitchen Cleaning

As with any kitchen, the Gym and Stewardship Hall kitchens need weekly cleaning. On a rotating basis, volunteers spend about one hour a week keeping the kitchen tidy. This is especially important because the school uses the Gym kitchen for its lunch program which means that kitchen is inspected periodically.


Joyce Koehn

Parish Office Assistance

Help during parish office hours with phone and general clerical work, such as copying, collating and filing.

Contact Parish Secretary

Parish Work Day

Periodically, a Saturday is designated as a "work day" to assist in the maintenance of the parish facilities. All parishioners are encouraged to participate in these "work days" regardless of vocational skill level.

Contact Don Petr

Snow Removal

When necessary, help remove snow and ice from parish grounds.

Contact Open

Table/Chair Setup

Set up and take down tables, chairs and other equipment for various parish functions such as potluck dinners.

Contact Don Petr

Technology Committee

Individuals with knowledge of information technology are needed to assist and troubleshoot the church and school’s information systems and equipment. A third party handles most of these activities for the school.

Contact Mike Sullenger