Parish & Family Life Commission

Family Life

Commissioner Gretchen Bina


Foster hospitality and provide social opportunities and fellowship within the parish.


  • Ensure that an effective process for welcoming and orienting parishioners is maintained.
  • Create fellowship opportunities for young adults (18-39) of the parish.
  • Create support system for newly married couples.

Following the description, youth opportunities will be denoted in parentheses as G-Grade School, M-Middle School, and H-High School.

Prayer Blanket Ministry

The Prayer Blanket Ministry constructs small blankets to give individuals, of any age, who are struggling with prolonged or terminal mental or physical ailments. The finished blankets are blessed by our Parish Priest before distribution. Members of this ministry may help with the purchase of the cloth and/or the construction of the blankets; but all are encouraged to pray for the sick who are listed as recipients of the blankets. Parishioners of Church of the Resurrection are encouraged to request a Prayer Blanket for any family member or friend who would benefit from the gifts of this sacramental. You may do so by contacting Barbara Knapp or the Parish Office.

Resurrection Young Adults

We are an energetic group of 18 to 40ish year olds (single or married) who enjoy getting together on a regular basis for fellowship, service, and sharing our faith. We take turns planning events, so there is always something new. Look for event information in the bulletin or on Facebook under "Resurrection Young Adults."

Contact 1 Open
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Art & Environment

Volunteers help to enhance the beauty of the church. This includes decorating the church, chapel and entryways for various seasons and solemnities of the church year, as well as maintaining indoor plants throughout the year. Special attention and planning are given to Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter.


Audra Relph 744 8141

Dinner Club

“What is a Christian?” someone asked a Hindu man.  He responded, “The Christian is someone who gives.”  (Mother Teresa)  Hospitality is one of the distinguishing marks of the followers of Christ, this virtue is commended by St. Paul to Christians (Rom. 12:13; 1 Tim. 3:2; Tit. 1:8; Heb. 13:2).  In the spirit of Christ Himself we continue this tradition with the Resurrection Dinner Club (aka Dinner for 8).  This dinner club is an effort to open ourselves and our homes to fellow parishioners.  It will allow us to get to know others and to keep that small parish feel about us.  It will give us a chance to spend time with each other enjoying shared wisdom, fellowship, and interests.

Four couples would meet four times during a six month period or for smaller groups, three couples would meet three times during a six month period.   One couple is designated as the lead couple to set up the first dinner.  At the first dinner the rest of the schedule will be decided.  The couple hosting the dinner at their house is in charge of the main dish/theme.  They assign the other couples the side dishes and desert.  Meals can be formal or very casual.  Dinner club evenings are for adults only.  People interested in the dinner club will sign up and be assigned to a group.  Couples are committed to their group for four meals and one must be at their house.  New sign-up sheets will be posted every six months in the gathering space.  Members previously in a group will be assigned to a new group.  The coordinator for this is Angie Etheredge. 831-0841

Q:  What if I am single?
A:  Singles are most welcome to sign up and are included in either grouping.

Q: What if I do not have any china or fancy dinnerware?
A: Meals can be informal.  If you wanted to order pizza and eat off of paper plates that would be fine.  The main goal is fellowship, not a five-star dining experience.

Q: What if my group cannot get all of our dinners completed in six months?
A:  We all know that schedules can get busy during certain times of the year.  It is okay to continue past the “six month” time frame to give all members a chance to host.

Q: What if I am nursing my infant?
A:  Most groups do not mind a little infant joining.  If the baby is mobile, you may wish to wait for the next session when your baby will be able to stay with a sitter.

Q: What if I cannot find childcare?
A:  You have many options.  You may wish to become part of the Babysitting Co-op; you may be able to have older children of your group watch others in the basement or another house; or you may want to check out the Babysitters List in the nursery/church office.

Resurrection Dinner Club Angie Etheredge

Knights of Columbus

This is a Catholic, fraternal men’s organization dedicated to supporting our Church, our Holy Father, Bishops, Priests, family and community. Our meetings are held the second Thursday of each month 7 pm. Our officer meetings are the last Thrusday of the month.

Contact Archie Macias


We provide a nursery for all Lord’s Day Masses and for many parish functions or special events. The nursery is staffed by volunteers and is free of charge. The nursery is encouraged for children preschool age and younger. Parents who utilize the nursery are especially encouraged to volunteer.
(M, H)

Contact April Owens

Parent's Morning Out

Each group meets in the nursery on Tuesday and Friday mornings, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. When school is not in session the older children spend time outdoors on the playground. Each group has a paid adult to take care of the children and each group rotates parent volunteers weekly as helpers and as providers of snacks. The size of each group is limited to ensure that each child is well taken care of. Stewardship opportunities are available in the coordination of the overall program or individual days.

Contact Martin Klaus

Special Events

Help plan, set up, and/or work at a variety of parish social activities. Some events are:

  • Parish Picnic - Annual picnic with many outdoor activities for parishioners.
  • Christmas Dinner - Annual dinner with all the season’s traditions.
  • Potluck Dinners - Dinners scheduled as the need arises.
    (M, H)



Andrea Leiker
200 4637


Toy Cleaning

To keep our nursery as sanitary as possible, a group of volunteers cleans the nursery toys weekly. A rotating schedule is developed from the time and talent forms. Parents who utilize the nursery are especially encouraged to volunteer.
(G, M, H)

Contact Christina Kreutzer

Church Wedding Assistant

Meet with engaged couples to help plan their wedding ceremony within Church guidelines and to assist the priest during wedding rehearsal and the day of the wedding. The assistant will also help set up candelabras and the bride’s room, help family members process into wedding at proper time, help with some minimal clean-up after the ceremony and be a contact for questions that arise.

Contact 1

Carrie Zwick

Contact 2
Audra Relph
Contact 3
Gretchen Chavez

Wedding/Birthday Receptions

Assist with receptions held in Stewardship Hall or Gym.

Contact l

Welcoming Committee

Members help plan special events to welcome new parishioners to the parish and inform them of the wide variety of opportunities available to them for getting involved in our parish life. This may include home visits.

Contact Molly Weiss

Women's Social Group

This ministry is an organization for all women of the parish to gather for spiritual enrichment through fellowship. Meetings and events will be publicized in the parish bulletin. Open to all ages.

Contact Beth Ryland
Contact Kathy Petr