Pastoral Council

Church of the Resurrection The parish Pastoral Council is responsible for working with the pastor in carrying out the mission of the parish. To that end, council members assist in planning, overseeing, coordinating, and communication. The Pastoral Council is a consultative body, presided over by the pastor, and works together by the principle of consensus, while allowing for the discretion of the pastor. The parish pastoral council consists of the following individuals: Pastor, Chairperson, Secretary, and eight Commissioners: Stewardship, Parish and Family Life, Education, Communication, Worship and Spiritual Life, Evangelization and Outreach, Parish Operations and Youth. Each commissioner is responsible for acting as a liaison to the organizations and ministries that comprise his/her commission. This involves frequent communication with leaders of the organizations, and possible attendance as needed at organization meetings. One of the commissioner’s functions is to help facilitate parishioners' stewardship of time and talent by insuring that the various committees, programs, ministries and apostolate under his/her care have proper support and leadership. The Education Commissioner automatically serves as a member of the Resurrection Catholic School Advisory Council. The Stewardship Commissioner automatically serves as a member of the Stewardship Committee. Pastoral Council members serve a term of three years. Any parishioner who practices good stewardship is eligible to be a Pastoral Council member.

Chairperson Lisa Bowser 744-7841
Secretary Janice Akao 744-0371
Worship and Spiritual Life open  
Education Kathleen Bergkamp 744-2206
Youth Sarah Holliday 250-1477
Stewardship Victoria Jackson 200-5951
Communication Open  
Evangelization & Outreach Beth Laughlin 744-1009
Parish & Family Life Gretchen Bina 744-7266
Parish Operations Randy Pickle 687-9857
Member At Large David Babich 634-0832
Finance Council Chairperson James Pfeifer 744-0995