Stewardship Commission


Commissioner Victoria Jackson


Actively promote stewardship as a way of life and an expression of discipleship.


  • Ensure that stewardship is being emphasized to all youth.
  • Educate parishioners on the four pillars of stewardship: hospitality, prayer, formation and service.
  • Designate stewardship committee members as liaisons to pastoral council commissions.
  • Incorporate outside resources to promote stewardship.

Following the description, youth opportunities will be denoted in parentheses as G-Grade School, M-Middle School, and H-High School.

Stewardship Committee

Members encourage stewardship as a way of life by helping all parishioners to receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly, and return them with increase to the Lord. The committee is also responsible for the annual update of the Parish Stewardship and Member Directory and the annual stewardship renewal process. This includes preparation, distribution, collection and follow-up of information and forms. Members of this committee also organize the Stewardship Fair and an annual Parish Leadership Day. The committee meets monthly and members serve a three-year term.

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