Worship & Spiritual Life Commission




Help parishioners grow in holiness by participating in the liturgical life of the parish and developing their own spiritual life.


  • Conduct a Parish Mission every other year.
  • Actively recruit and train liturgical ministers.
  • Keep the Lord’s Day holy by making family and parish primary in their schedule.
  • Provide additional prayer experiences for spiritual growth.

Following the description, youth opportunities will be denoted in parentheses as G-Grade School, M-Middle School, and H-High School.

Altar Servers

Altar servers assist in the celebration of Mass by ministering at the altar and participating in liturgical processions. Reverence and reliability are very important qualities for those interested. Boys and girls in fifth grade through high school are eligible for this ministry. 
(G, M, H)


Contact Angela Collins

Gift Bearers and Mass Greeters

During the weekend Masses, Holy Days of Obligation and special liturgies, gift bearers bring to the altar the gifts of bread, water, wine, and treasure. Mass Greeters show hospitality and a welcoming spirit as the community enters the Gathering Space before weekend Masses and special liturgies. Under normal circumstances, these two liturgical roles are are served by the same people at the same Mass.
(G, M, H)

Contact Joan Williams


The purpose of the ministry of lector is to proclaim the Word of God in the liturgical assembly. It is more than skillful reading; it is proclamation. A proclamation is an announcement of one’s own faith as well as that of the worshipping community. Adults and high school youth are eligible to serve in this ministry. All new lectors are given training so that they may fulfill this important ministry with due care.

Contact Brianna Sommers

Liturgy Committee

Liturgy means "the work of the people" and the liturgy committee coordinates and assists the ministries responsible for participating in and preparing for the Mass as well as the liturgical seasons of the Church calendar.

Liturgy of the Word for Children

Teachers and Teacher Assistants prepare the Word for four-year-olds, kindergartners, and first-graders at the 8:30 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. Masses. From October through May, children have their own liturgy of the word separately and return to Mass at the Preparation of the Gifts.
(M, H)

Contact for 8:30 am  
Contact for 11:00 am Martin & Nicole Klaus


"Music adds delight to prayer, fosters oneness of spirit and invests the rites with greater solemnity." God has bestowed on his people the gift of song. God dwells within each person where music takes its source, and is present whenever his people sing his praises. Jesus and his apostles concluded the Last Supper with a hymn, and the Apostle Paul instructs the Christian faithful to sing together psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with gratitude to God. (Col 3:16; Eph 5:19). Thus the Church attaches great importance to the use of singing in the celebration of the Mass, continuing and developing the tradition first found in the Old Covenant and handed down by Jesus and his apostles.

"We, though many, are one body in Christ". There are a variety of roles within music ministry. The entire assembly is called to participate fully in the Liturgy and to be actively involved in the music. This participation both expresses and strengthens the faith that is in us. The song of the Congregation is especially important. Some members of the community with special gifts in leading musical praise and thanksgiving are called to serve as liturgical musicians in Choirs, as CantorsOrganists or Instrumentalists. For more information on Music Ministry at Church of the Resurrection, see the "Music Ministry" page under "Organizations".

(G, M, H)

ContactDavid Dondlinger

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Eucharistic Adoration

Consider spending one hour with our Lord in quiet time. Jesus said, “Whoever comes to Me will never hunger, and whoever believes in Me will never thirst” (Jn 6:35). Please call the parish office for information or if you are ready to select a regular time for adoration. 
(G, M, H)

Contact Parish Office

Prayer Line

The Prayer Line consists of a group of parishioners who have volunteered to pray for members of our parish and their immediate families in time of serious illness or special need. There are two lines: phone chain and email. The phone line is activated by calling the parish with a request. The request is then passed down by means of chain leaders and their members. Since chains are activated between 6:00 and 9:00 pm on weekdays, volunteers for this ministry must ordinarily be available between these hours. Because a break in a chain results in a complete shutdown of the remainder of the chain, those who sign on for this ministry should consider this a serious commitment.

The email line is activated by the parish office. As a member of the email group, you will receive a prayer request by email. You do not need to pass the request on.

Contact Parish Office

Servers' Alb Cleaning

Members of this ministry assist with washing and pressing the albs worn by the altar servers. The albs are to be cleaned three times a year.

Contact Rose Pickle


Ushers help establish and maintain the suitable decorum of the Church gathered for worship, cordially assist people in being seated so that they form one community, distribute and pick up materials, and gather the offering. Please indicate on the stewardship form your choice of Mass time.

Contact Dean Lies

Votive Candles Cleaning

Members of this ministry maintain and clean the votive candles, located beneath the statues of Mary and Joseph. Each volunteer rotates throughout the year in collecting the money, replacing candles, and cleaning the smaller glass holders.

Contact Pat Johnson