Kindergarten News for Summer

Kindergarten News



Preparing for First Grade over the summer…




  • Read…Read…Read…
  • It is important to listen to your child read aloud, as well as read aloud to them, everyday. For a least 20 minutes. Try a summer reading program at the nearest public library.




  • Review sight words, weekly-more often if needed.


  • Practice decoding words, and have your child identify the beginning, middle and ending sounds of words.


  • Practice handwriting - emphasize legibility and correct letter formation.


  • Review numbers 1 – 120.


  • Practice addition and subtraction facts to 10.


  • Be sure that the Kindergarten prayers are memorized.


  • Work with your child to become organized and responsible.


  • Keep in mind that First grade is a change from Kindergarten.  First grade moves faster and adds many more new skills.



Have a safe and fun filled summer!


Karen Eads





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