The Magician's Nephew -- 6th Grade

November is dedicated to reading and discussing The Magician's Nephew in 6th grade RCS Religion class. I am thrilled to have a classroom set of these books for the kids to read -- thanks, PTO!

If you are a Narnia "purist" then you already know that The Magician's Nephew is not technically the first in the series. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was written first. C.S. Lewis wrote TMN as #6 in the series. However, later, publishers put the books in chronological order. TMN is the story of the genesis of Narnia. This is my reason for reading it in 6th grade. We see the creation of Narnia (Aslan sings it into creation) and the "Fall." I am excited to see the 6th graders make connections between THE story(ies) of creation found in Genesis.

The 6th graders have each been handed a calendar that maps out the plan for November. There will be a series of in class work/reading days as well as discussion days. Each group member has a different role (discussion director, word wizard, etc). They will each be responsible for reading and for coming prepared to discuss according to their role. The project will end with a final reading comprehension test on Friday, November 20.

I think this is going to be a great project! (As I type this they each have their deep nose in a book :)

In Christ,

Mrs. Schwarz



The beginning of a new school year is always an exciting time. Teachers prepare to welcome new students as they come in the door. Parents prepare to kick their kids out the door. School supplies are shiny and new. Clothes are clean and untorn. A new school year promises new adventures, new learning experiences and new friends.

However, for me, the new school year holds a special draw. As the RCS Middle School Religion teacher I have a unique goal: to help you help get your kids to Heaven. That's it. Along the way this goal will be supported by learning about Old Testament, New Testament, Church History and more. But in the end, my goal is very simple.

I look forward to supporting you--the parents, the primary educators of your children--in teaching your children the truths passed down by our one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. Please keep me in your prayers throughout the school year and know that you are in mine.

In Christ,

Mrs. Schwarz




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