Youth Commission - Youth Ministry

Commissioner Sarah Holliday


Involve our youth in the life and mission of the Church.


  • Provide youth oriented liturgies and prayer experiences.
  • Provide service and social opportunities for the youth to live and share their faith.
  • Promote stewardship as a way of life.

Following the description, youth opportunities will be denoted in parentheses as G-Grade School, M-Middle School, and H-High School.

Youth Sports Coaches

These volunteers organize and coach various youth sports teams from this parish. Wichita and the surrounding communities have a variety of sporting activities and leagues in which the youth of our parish may participate. No experience is required except a willingness to see the youth of our parish develop and grow through athletic activities. We encourage teamwork, fellowship, Christian values and fun.

Contact Jim & Kathy Holm

Cub/Boy Scouts

Resurrection Cub Scout Pack 585 and Boy Scout Troop 585 are affiliated with the national Boy Scout program and the local Quivira Council. Our parish pack currently provides activities for boys in 1st-5th grades, while the troop is for boys 6th grade and older - up to age 18. The entire pack meets normally on the fourth Monday of the month and smaller groups called "dens" meet on two other Mondays during the month.

The Boy Scout troop is more of a "boy run" organization which meets weekly and goes camping every one or two months. The goal of Scouting is "Youth With a Purpose” and we try to have fun while accomplishing this. The leaders believe that "if we don’t have time to help youngsters find the right way in life, somebody with more time will help them find the wrong way." Additionally, we participate each year in the Diocesan Religious Emblems program.

Boy Scouts Terry Ercolani 
Cub Scouts Don Petr  

Challenge Girls Club

Challenge is a national club and virtue formation program for  fifth grade through high school age girls that is team based, teen led and service driven. Challenge does this through formation meetings, service projects, retreats and camps. High school team leaders, with adult training and supervision, lead the meetings and activities for Challenge at our parish.  

The formation meetings for the 5th – 8th grade girls are held in Stewardship Hall, twice a month on Fridays, from 3:45 – 5:15. We also have the opportunity to join other Wichita parish Challenge teams for monthly integration and apostolic activities.  High school age girls meet one to two times a month with their young adult leader.  A calendar of events will be posted on our parish website link.

Great or small, Parent Volunteer help is always appreciated and helps our club run smoothly, from bringing snacks or taking photos to organizing a fun activity. VIRTUS training  is necessary.  (5th gr., M, H)

Contact  1 Maria Engels
Contact  2  

Girl Scouts

Resurrection Girl Scouts are very active in the parish. Girls in Kindergarten and 1st grade are Daisies, grades 2-3 are Brownies, 4-5 are Juniors, 6-8 are Cadettes, 9-10 Seniors, and grades 11-12 Ambassadors. There are bi-weekly meetings, as well as special events and campouts during the year. Volunteers who like working with girls are always needed.

Contact Kristin Zarchan
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Nicole Klaus
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Middle School Youth Group

This group offers monthly activities which center around spiritual and personal growth for sixth through eighth graders in the parish. Subjects dealing with faith, family, peers, values and other pressing issues are introduced through games and social activities which appeal to the youth during this unique time of personal development. The ultimate goal is to bring the youth to full participation in the life, mission and work of the Church community. Adult advisors or leaders are needed to assist in planning and supervising youth activities.

Contact Tori Schippers
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Clay Retreat (Christ’s Light in All Youth)

CLAY is a weekend retreat designed for Freshmen and Sophomores in High School. In addition, adults who work with youth are also welcome to participate in the weekend as candidates.

The CLAY Retreat utilizes skits, small groups and lots of hands-on work to promote a deeper understanding that God is in our midst. The use of powerful audio/visual images guide youth through prayer services.
ContactDavid Walker

Teens Encounter Christ (TEC)

TEC is a weekend of spiritual renewal for Juniors and Seniors in High School and college students. Adults who work with youth are also welcome to participate as candidates.

The weekend is hosted by a team of youth and adults, including a priest of the diocese. Throughout the weekend and in sharing the sacraments, candidates have the opportunity to grow in their relationship with the Lord and learn more about their Catholic faith.
ContactDavid Walker